regenagri® certifies Scheffer farms as regenerative

Scheffer farm group in Brazil has become the first company in the Americas to receive the regenagri® certification for regenerative agriculture. With a core focus on reducing chemicals and increasing biodiversity on their farms over the last 5 years, Scheffer has succeeded in transitioning to a regenerative approach for their highly productive arable land in the Sapezal, located in Chapadão do Parecis, Brazil.

regenagri takes a holistic view, looking at farming practises and management processes that affect the farm and the wider environment, be that biodiversity, water, soil health or carbon sequestration. It is a process of continuous improvement, supporting the regeneration of the land through advisory services, a digital hub where farms can monitor and benchmark their progress against regenerative measures, and the certification process. regenagri is part of leading international certification body Control Union, and as such benefits from a presence in over 70 companies globally.

The soil sampling process

Scheffer, who’s company purpose is to work together with nature so that it delivers its best potential to humanity, started their transition towards regenerative practices in 2016. In 2020 the team from regenagri audited an area covering 4055.65 hectares of cotton and soybean crops, resulting in Scheffer achieving the regenerative certification. Significant regenerative indicators which Scheffer have achieved include the increase in earthworms, soil fungi and beneficial natural predators, as well as the reduction of chemical use by 34% for cotton crops and 52% for soy bean crops – all without a reduction in yields.

Scheffer’s company director, Guilherme Scheffer argues “We realized that conventional agriculture is less profitable and sustainable. At each cycle, it is necessary to increase the use of chemicals in sanitary control, which, at the same time, increases the resistance capacity of pests and diseases. The only solution is to preserve, nourish and use biodiversity to our advantage”.

He goes on to explain “regenagri’s digital hub allows us to see the initiatives that already work and can be expanded, and where we should improve, investing even more. Traceability and carbon balance are attributes on the rise with our purchasing public. Investing in an agriculture that regenerates soil and coexists better with the ecosystem results in a product with indisputable added value. This is our focus”.