Featuring experts in the agricultural industry, the regenagri podcast explores the ways that global farming is steering towards more regenerative agriculture approaches and how the movement is evolving at pace. Tune in regularly to hear about all things regenerative and stay at the forefront of the global movement.

Past episodes include:

  • Biodiversity lead farming
  • Soil – the future of food?
  • How to approach regenerative farming
  • Incorporating agroforestry into regenerative systems
  • Transitioning to regenerative agriculture
  • Championing British wool
  • Transitioning to green finance
  • Incorporating regenerative grazing
  • Farming for dung beetles
  • Using certification to open the door to international markets
  • Rewilding – regenerative farming’s unexpected ally?
  • UN conventions – how can they impact the future of farming?
  • How can technology support the transition to regenerative food systems?
  • How can sustainability be made the norm?
  • Small changes, big differences – exploring the role of cover crops in regenerative farming systems
  • Regenerative ready meals
  • What does the public think about regenerative farming?
  • How can regenerative food systems create resilience in the face of the climate crisis?
  • How to create a regenerative cotton supply chain
  • How counting carbon fits with regenerative agriculture
  • Integrating livestock into an arable system