Standards documents

The below table contains all of the documentation relating to the regenagri standard criteria

1- regenagri Standard Criteria v3.0 (farms) View here
2- regenagri Scoring and Methodology v3.0 (farms) Contact us to request access
3- regenagri Content Standard v2.0 (fibres) View here
4- regenagri Chain of Custody v1.0 (food & feed) Contact us to request access
5- regenagri Logo Guide v1.0 View here
6- regenagri Carbon Standard v1.0 (agriculture) View here
7- regenagri Carbon Standard Guidelines v1.0 Contact us to request access
8 – Critérios Padrão regenagri Portugues v3.0View here
9 – Metodologia regenagri Portugues v3.0Contact us to request access
10 – regenagri PDD Template v1.1View here
11 – regenagri Content Standard v1.0 (Traceability Verification Requirements)View here

For details of the regenagri standards development process and governance please contact us

Feedback and comments on the drafts can be submitted to