Standards documents

The below table contains all of the documentation relating to the regenagri standard criteria

1- regenagri Standard Criteria v2.1 (farms) View here
2- regenagri Scoring and Methodology v2.0 (farms) View here
3- regenagri Content Standard v1.1 (fibres) View here
4- regenagri Chain of Custody v1.0 (food & feed) View here
5- regenagri Logo Guide v1.0 View here
6- regenagri Carbon Standard v1.0 (agriculture) View here
7- regenagri Carbon Standard Guidelines v1.0 Contact us to request access
8 – Critérios Padrão Regenagri Portugues v2.0View here
9 – Metologia Regenagri Portugues v2.0View here
10 – regenagri PDD Template v1.1View here

For details of the regenagri standards development process and governance please contact us