Signature Agri Investments joins regenagri governance group

We are delighted to announce that Signature Agri Investments has joined the regenagri governance group. Our governance group, made up of Control Union, Agrimetrics, Cool Farm Alliance, the Soil Association, FWAG and the Sustainable Food Trust, exist to aid us in the technical development of regenagri. They represent all the different angles of regenerative agriculture from GHG measurements to biodiversity and transition financing. They provide external expertise and scrutiny to our work to help ensure that the regenagri standard criteria, methodologies and data platform are robust.

We are happy to welcome Signature Agri Investments into this group, to bring their understanding of agricultural finance and investment to the table. Signature Agri Investments aim to fight food insecurity, create climate resilience, and transform communities and economies through sustainable and innovative agriculture investments. They do this by deploying long-term capital in future-proof commercial agricultural initiatives that bring positive and tangible impact for our investors, portfolio companies, employees, communities, and the environment.

Franco Costantini from regenagri states:

The role of financing for regenerative transition is crucial to achieve climate related targets. Signature Agri Investments brings a strong experience in environmentally conscious investments and will certainly be a great support to develop the right approaches to support investments in regenerative agriculture.  We look forward to our collaboration with them.

Signature Agri Investments began with their first fund in South Africa in 2009 and have since spread their operations across Africa, into Southern Europe and the Americas. Their focus is on using investment to make agriculture more sustainable, and they see collaboration with regenagri as a vital tool to achieving this.

Hannah Young from Signature Agri Investments states:

We aspire to make regenerative agriculture a core element of every fund in our portfolio, we see it as key to a sustainable future global food supply chain. As well as guiding regenagri’s development in our role in the governance group, we are excited to be able to work with them to monitor the progress of the farms within our funds through their digital hub. This will allow us to clearly understand the progress of our projects and bring the perspective of the regenagri user to the governance team.

For more information about how regenagri can help you on your regenerative journey please explore the links below, or get in touch.

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