regenagri certified sustainable lasagne ready meal from Wild Hare launches on

regenagri is proud to announce the launch of the first ready meal using regenerative certified beef in a major UK supermarket. Sustainable food provider, Wild Hare and leading online food grocer, Ocado have launched a range of carbon neutral ready meals today, including a Lasagne using regenagri certified beef.

Ocado is the ideal choice of retailer for this range, given its strong commitment to sustainability. Wild Hare understands the importance of reducing its environmental impact and that’s why it has conducted a cradle-to-grave life-cycle-assessment to calculate the emissions of its entire product range. The brand has been working closely with suppliers to reduce its emissions at every stage, and has offset its remaining emissions to achieve carbon neutrality — whilst remaining dedicated to supporting suppliers with emissions reduction.

The beef in the Wild Hare Lasagne is regenagri certified

Choosing regeneratively produced beef will support them in their efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, as regenerative agriculture actively sequesters carbon back into the soil, giving it the potential to not just be carbon neutral but to act as a net carbon sink. regenagri gives farmers, brands and retailers the ability to track and verify carbon emissions data to see the volume reduced or sequestered, helping to give a clearer idea of the overall carbon footprint of a product.

Ocado will stock five Wild Hare ready meals — British Red Wine Braised Chuck Steak with Buttered Mash, Cauliflower & Chickpea Dhal, British Chicken Dhal, British Chicken Caesar Risotto and a Lasagne dish made with regenagri certified beef, in partnership with the Ethical Butcher.  The Ethical Butcher is a leader in its field, only working with UK farmers that use regenerative agriculture methods, to offer an extensive range of meats direct to consumers.

Franco Costantini, Managing Director of certification body Control Union UK, which certifies regenagri, commented:

“The beef being used in the Wild Hare Lasagne was the first in the UK to gain regenagri certification. What this means is that it is being produced on a farm that is managed in a way that actively regenerates the land – increasing soil health and biodiversity, improving water management and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil. Regenerative farming has become crucial around the world to reverse the environmental impact of agriculture and to enhance ecosystems. We are proud to see the Wild Hare Lasagne carrying the regenagri certified logo as it launches at Ocado, and hope it is just the first of many such products to come.”

The regenagri certification mark provides assurance to the consumer that the beef in the product they are buying comes from a farm which has undergone an audit against the regenagri standard criteria, and is actively regenerating the land on an ongoing basis.

The regenagri certification mark

The incorporation of new interactive QR technology will ensure total transparency of each ready meal. Wild Hare hopes to ignite a sense of community where consumers have the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals with a clear carbon conscience. 

Dominie Fearn, founder of The Wild Hare Group, commented:

“Partnering with Ocado is a huge milestone for Wild Hare and its ambitious climate targets only amplify how delighted we are that one of the UK’s leading online retailers will be delivering our meals.”

Lucy Hamblion, buying manager at Ocado Retail says:

“Carbon conscious brands like Wild Hare represent a greener future for the industry and by supporting these types of brands, we are able to help fulfil our own ambitious environmental objectives at Ocado Retail.”

Dominie continued:

“It’s admirable to see such a big industry name committing to ambitious carbon targets and it’s pivotal that businesses with influence adopt a similar approach. We understand the magnitude of achieving net zero, yet firmly believe carbon accountability is the key to a greener food industry. With climate change at the forefront of the global agenda, we hope that more people will engage with our products and embrace their value to the environment.”

To hear more from Dominie about her passion for regeneratively farmed convenience food, and why she chose regenagri certified beef, listen to the ‘Regenerative ready meals’ episode of our podcast.

Or get in touch to find out more about how regenagri certifies regenerative produce, and verifies carbon data.