Global ingredients supplier Cefetra Group joins forces with farmers to generate regenagri Carbon Credits

Cefetra Group is an ingredients supplier for the specialties and commodities markets with a strong sustainability mindset, they are working towards climate-neutrality by 2030. Cefetra and their related group companies are exploring ways to improve farmers’ business cases to enable them to work towards much needed and ever more sustainable practices.

As part of this commitment, the Dutch Cefetra entity is undertaking a regenagri Carbon project, to support farms in their transition towards more climate-resilient practices. This project also aims to create additional financial returns to the farms through the generation of regenagri Carbon Credits under the regenagri Carbon Standard.

This project has come about through a collaboration between Cefetra, regenerative agriculture initiative regenagri, global consultancy company Peterson Projects and Solutions, global verification body Control Union and farms in South America.

The project will see farms covering more than 50,000 hectares implementing regenerative practices such as: reduced tilling, cover cropping, tree planting, reduced synthetic fertilizer usage, fuel switching/efficient fuel usage and protecting native forest. These practices have the benefits of either reducing GHG emissions or sequestering carbon into the soil. Upon accredited verification by Control Union these benefits will be converted into regenagri Carbon Credits and the revenues for the sale of these credits will be shared with the farms.

Carbon Credits are tradeable assets which can be bought and sold on the voluntary carbon market, each representing 1 tonne of GHG’s which have not been emitted or have been removed from the atmosphere. Companies can buy Carbon Credits to offset their own carbon emissions to hit their ESG, Sustainability and/or Net-Zero targets.

Franco Costantini, MD of regenagri, states:

“We are very pleased to support Cefetra and the related farms in their transition to regenerative practices through the regenagri Carbon program. The program will allow them to measure regenerative progress over time and financially support the farmers through revenues from regenagri Carbon Credits”.

Ted Swinkels MD of Cefetra in The Netherlands adds: “As part of BayWa AG, we have the ambition to be climate neutral ourselves by 2030. In addition we are also making a major effort to improve the carbon footprint of the rest of our supply chain. The collaboration with Control Union and regenagri is a clear example of how we support our supply chain partners in their developments.”

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